1.while I was installing os it asks for erasing all the data on HDDs so it also deletes all the partitions on HDDs so now I want to create a 2 new partition on HDDs how to do that????

  1. Shortcut key for the option of the shutdown like we have in win10 alt+f4 and the option comes to the shutdown, restart, and other options...

  2. The steam app which I install from the app center is not working working what to do....?

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    – goku92228
    Jan 14, 2020 at 8:29

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The easiest way is to create a USB key with Elementary Os and boot on this key.

Choose "try", then using Gparted, it is then very simple to shrink the partition which contains Elementary on the hard drive of the PC, then to create a new partition with the amount of available space.

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assuming you have free space on your disk - boot to a live distro that has graphical gparted tool in it - resize your / partition down to whatever you are comfortable with - boot back to your running OS on the hard disk to verify disk okay - with the free disk space create another partition - create a filesystem (maybe ext4) for this partition - create a mount point for this new filesystem - mount it manually to test it out - add new partition to /etc/fstab

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