Received a folding bluetooth keyboard (iClever IC-BK06) as a gift. For space efficiency, page-up ("PgUp"), page-down ("PgDn"), Home, and End are mapped as function ("Fn") +up, +down, +Left, and +right arrows, respectively:

enter image description here

In Elementary OS 5.1 (Hera), I can't type page-up, page-down, home, or end. When I do

  • function ("Fn")+up arrow
  • function ("Fn")+down arrow
  • function ("Fn")+left arrow
  • function ("Fn")+right arrow

instead of page-up, page-down, home, and end behaviors, respectively, instead I get behaviors corresponding to

  • super ("Win")+up
  • super ("Win")+down
  • super ("Win")+left
  • super ("Win")+right

respectively. These are unexpected behaviors. Other function ("Fn") mappings (e.g., deleete, F1-F12, and escape) work just fine.

How can I stop function-arrow from acting like super-arrow, in Elementary OS, on this bluetooth keyboard?

  • I contacted iClever, and they pointed out to me that this keyboard only supports Mac & PC. – EEE Apr 12 at 19:52

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