let me give an intro to the mess I made, I wanted to uninstall the older version of Wine using synaptic manager and when I marked for removal there was an option for complete removal. I didn’t think about it and clicked okay and didn’t check back. So long story short, the elementary desktop, and a few other key packages were removed and now I can’t log back in as it says “unable to login” Starting the session has failed

I downloaded the 5.1 ISO thought I can do the upgrade but there’s no option for that either.

edit: I installed and reinstalled the elementary-desktop from the terminal and I’m still getting the same error, I carried out an apt-update as well

  • how do you isntall it using terminal - via tty console screen or using advanced options for elementary os > Root shell ? – Bo rislav Jan 7 at 21:40

what I suggest you is to install via terminal also lightdm and pantheon-greeter. sudo apt install lightdm pantheon-greeter. Then run sudo dpkg --configure -a.

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