I am using freya(64bit) and have installed indicator-synapse from the ppa found here:
install indicator-synapse

Everything is working fine, but i just can't find the "config.json" file which is supposed to be at ~/.config/synapse/config.json according to indicator-synapse configuration

here: jules' answer says the default path for the config file has been changed to ~/.config/hotkeys/synapse/synapse.hotkeys. But I cannot find hotkeys dir neither in ~/.config/ nor /home/username/.config/

So, can anyone please guide me to the path to this file.


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I do searches differently, perhaps run "sudo updatedb" then follow with "sudo locate config.json" This should locate the file if it was generated.


You can try finding it by using these commands:

whereis indicator-synapse


find indicator-synapse
  • Have already tried these, but to no avail. Commented Oct 14, 2015 at 13:21

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