The AppCenter offers at the moment version 5.0.1 of KMyMoney. According to https://kmymoney.org/ the latest version is 5.0.7. My bank rejected the online access via KMyMoney 5.0.1.

Can I find somewhere a time schedule or something like that when AppCenter will be updated to the latest release of a specific software?


latest version thats in tied to ubunthu repo can be found here: https://pkgs.org/download/kmymoney

that is a debian packaged version


other wise if you want the latest version you can download source files and build it


there are instruction in the "README.cmake" file

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  • never heard before from "pkgs.org" and never build something from source myself but I will have a look at it, thanks for the hint. – Anonym Jan 3 at 12:54

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