I successfully connected my webdav cloud storage in elementary OS files manager. But if I copy for example my passwort database from home directory to the webdav directory, my passwort manager can't save anymore the database. I compared in the properties tab the permissions. In the home directory I'm the owner and have read and write permissions. If I copy the same file to my webdav resource I loose all permissions and I'm not anymore the owner of the file. I don't understand how this is possible that I can write the file to the webdav server but can't modifiy it anymore afterwards.

I search through the web but don't find any solution until now. Any ideas / hints?

  • I have recreated the problem on another laptop also using elementaryOS and the problem can be reproduced there as well. I have done the same on Ubuntu Budgie and the webdav resource is also write-protected. – Anonym Dec 30 '19 at 17:03
  • Just for clarification, I can copy files on the webdav resource, I can delete files on the webdav resource. But if I open an copyed file from my webdav resource, every app tells me the file is write protected?!? – Anonym Jan 8 at 14:07

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