I've just installed Elementary OS, but wingpanel isn't showing up.

I've reinstalled a few times, and for the most part it never shows. It did show up on my latest install so I installed a few things (firefox, LibreOffice,and elementary tweaks)

This was a few days ago, and just got back to it today, and wingpanel just refuses to load.

I've tried killall wingpanel then relaunch it.

When I killall The window (firefox in this case) fills the whole screen, when I relaunch it slowly moves down, but nothing shows up.

sometimes after a LONG time I get a error about wingpanel not loading (Much like in windows "program stopped working. Wait or force close") forcing it closed dose the same as killall.

I've tried debug wingpanel but nothing showed up.

I am very much a newbie, and am still learning.

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