I've using mac for more than 10 years. And now, suddenly, I'm a Linux user. So far I've manage my self to do almost everything I used to do regularly in my mac, in great part thanks to the chrome platform and G Suite.

But there are a few simple things related to pdf management that I have not being able to accomplish, yet.

I get to deal with a lot of documents in my work, most of them pdf files, and every once in a while, I get one of this files that needs to be rotated, splited and annotated. In my mac not that only it was very very easy, but I do it with a single app!: Preview.

Can you please help me to find a replacement solution to accomplish all this?. It will be great if it is a single app, and I'm willing to pay for it. It can be a Linux (debian or flatpack, Iḿ using Elementary OS) or it can be a web app.

  1. Rotate pdf easily without loosing quality in a single step. The quality part is very important because it needs to be equally readable.
  2. Split pdf in parts easily in a single step.
  3. Annotate pdfs with geometric shapes, text and arrows...

So far i found two different apps for doing steps 2 and 3:

PDF Tricks https://github.com/muriloventuroso/pd... LibreOffice Draw https://www.libreoffice.org/discover/...

But I don't like very much nether of them, for the 1 part (rotate easily) I'm clueless. Please help

Thank you very much for reading into this point, this community is the best part of being a #linuxuser #elementaryOSenter link description here

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If it is only about rotation of the pdf, it can be easily done by Evince, the default Document viewer for Elementary Os, I do not know about the default version, but I did upgrade it with the flatpak version and rotation is easy done with not notable quality loss, at least i do not notice any.


Have you tried Master PDF Editor for Linux? It seems to encompass everything you required, and more. Here's s short list of capabilities (from their website):

Modify text and objects
Annotate PDF documents
Create and fill in PDF forms 
Optical character recognition in PDF
Operations on PDF pages
PDF Bookmarks
Digital signatures 
Create PDF documents

Use this link to download the .deb file. Then install Eddy and use it to open the .deb file and install Master PDF Editor.

enter image description here

The free version will add watermarks on saved documents, and restricts access to several features. The full version is available from around $70.

EDIT: If you want to, you can use PDF Tricks' GitHub page to get in touch with the developer, and describe the features you'd like to see implemented. Use the New Issue button to create a new ticket to request a new feature, and give as many details as possible.

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