I am completely new to the Linux world, and have built my first computer. I have used Macs and Windows for many years, but decided to try Elementary OS. I don't have a huge technical background in IT.

I am trying to connect my computer to my Xfinity router/modem with an ethernet cable. My computer says it is connected, but every website fails to load. I have just upgraded to 5.1 Hera, and my system is a ASRock X399 Phantom 6 MB with a Risen 2950 threadripper CPU.

If anyone can give me any guidance or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome in the elementary OS community.

For your Xfinity router/modem, I invite you to check if it is DHCP, you can do this in the control panel of your hardware.

If you need the user manual, I think this link will help you


For your motherboard apparently you have this network card : Phantom Gaming 2.5G LAN, Intel® Gigabit LAN

For information, on elementary OS there is no change of the network icon when connected in ETHERNET, as on Windows.

After verifying that your router is in DHCP I invite you to do this on the command line

# check if your ethernet has an ip
$ ip add

if that's ok, try to see if you ping a website

$ ping elementaryos.stackexchange.com

for now I can only give you this as the beginning of answer

  • Thanks! I will give it a try and let you know the results.
    – Radius688
    Commented Dec 14, 2019 at 23:43

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