I have a working (yes!) Mac Pro 2006, original release.

Apple stopped offering updates for it ages ago (I got stuck using OSX 10.7.2) and I purchased the latest copy of elementary OS:

  1. Burned the image into a USB drive , on another computer
  2. Booted the machine with the USB (the installer detects it’s as an UEFI partition)
  3. But I cannot get past the initial screen. It goes blank no matter what option

I pass to it

Does anybody had success bringing life to a Mac this old?


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To install on a 64-bit Mac that uses a 32-bit EFI you'll have to go Matt Gadient's website and download a slightly modified version of elementary OS 5.1. Burn a DVD if you can, the author strongly suggests it. Give the page a thorough read first.

Direct download link for the modified iso md5: 3ded91fadf4a4a450539d1f9332e72a3

  • Thanks a lot, will definitely give it a shot. Will share my findings.
    – Kodegeek
    Dec 10, 2019 at 1:12

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