I have both bubbles and sounds turned off in the notifications control panel. But mail keep sending notification bubbles, as does chrome and spotify.

I'd love to shut all that crap off for a while.

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Indeed normally you can disable all notifications, it allows to be focused on these tasks. As you can tell @bo-rislav you can do this with the notification bell menu at the top right :

enter image description here

if you want to disable application sounds not listed in the list of Notifications Settings... you can. At the end of the list you will have OTHER

enter image description here

If you only want to disable MAIL notifications and if for any others reasons let's keep them active you can do it from the MAIL application settings

enter image description here

But normally if you want disable all notifications, enable Do Not Distrub work.

I hope this will help you


Usually the settings that you decribe works to stop notifications, but can you try also from the top panel udner the bell icon to set Do not disturb also to see if there is any change?

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