My issue is identical to this one, and it did solve my issue when I changed the logo from .png to .ico in .desktop. However, a restart/log-out session would render the solution void. As you can see from my screenshot below, I have the image extension as .ico, my StartupWMClass is also correct, but on the plank, there is still a Pocket Casts icon and a active grey gear icon. The two should merge.

If I edit the image in the .desktop file again, it became normal again. But I would have to do it every single time I log-out or restarts. It would be nice to have a permanent solution. The issue has been persistent since 5.0 months ago, I have tried different Pocket Casts linux apps and they all have this issue. I have not encounter this issue in any other app as of yet (I didn't install many).

I have Pocket Casts pinned, but it's the same if I unpinned and start from the application menu.

Thank you for any help


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I had the similar issue while setting up the AVD...

Here is my AVD.desktop file's current contents:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Android Virtual Device
Exec=/home/joe/Android/Sdk/emulator/./emulator @Q
Comment=Q @ Pixel_2

See the last line #StartupWMClass=eOS...? Try out the following:

  • Run xprop WM_CLASS in the terminal and click on Pocket Casts and cross-check the same.
  • Try Commenting the StartupWMClass= line.

Tip: you can reduce / truncate the Comment= section & uncomment the #Icon=pocket-casts while commenting the other #Icon=...

PS: I had to tweak here and there, checking out different combinations till I got it right.

Oh and one more thing make a copy of the .desktop file in /home/<user>/.local/share/applications/ and make the edits there. And this is important each time you make a change to the .desktop file:

Re-add it to your dock: (*credits @Cassidy James Blaede)

  • Remove any existing Chrome launcher from your dock by secondary/right-clicking it and unchecking Keep in Dock, or simply drag the icon off of the dock.
  • Open the app launcher (Applications) and drag the Chrome icon to your dock, or secondary/right-click it and select Add to Dock.
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    Wow, thank you, I think you solved this. I have googled this before posting the question and thus have checked the consistency with "xprop WM_CLASS", but I never place a .desktop file in /home/<user>/.local/share/applications/. I just did and restarted ... the icons merged!! I hope it's fine from now on. Thank you.
    – SaltedFish
    Commented Jan 10, 2020 at 9:41
  • Glad to hear that! Please upvote and mark it as answer if it worked for you.
    – user18392
    Commented Jan 10, 2020 at 9:44

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