I've got a trouble with wrong font displaying in elementary OS. The text of all system headings, controls and terminal is blurred and looks like a long curve line.

My desktop screenshot My terminal screenshot But text inside applications looks fine as it was. So I decided that problem could be connected with pantheon.

I googled it, but found only problems with resizing, not blurring. Now I am stuck at fixing it.

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The thing that worked for me is Fonts looks weird at Loki (and just in my user session!). How do I fix it?

But I got an error:

GLib-GIO-Message: 21:06:40.395: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend. Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications.

I solved it as described here https://blog.csdn.net/juwenkailaodi/article/details/86525841]

export GIO_EXTRA_MODULES=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gio/modules/


As mentioned here, the scrambled text in window titles might be due to a Screenshot utility 'conceal text' bug. Suggested fix:

  • launch Screenshot
  • in Screenshot preferences window, turn off 'Conceal Text' option:

enter image description here


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