I have installed elementary OS Juno on an old Mac Mini (late 2009). I already had problems getting the NVIDIA drivers for the Geforce 9400 to work (finally) but now it seems after having installed x11vncserver and using it, i am stuck in login loop without getting any bash!

No matter whether I press F1 or any other of the Function keys or alternate through with the '->' key. I only can get back to the GUI login in, enter password and it goes back to login page.

To make things worse, i am using a TV as monitor and have two different connections, one is a VGA cable, the other is a HDMI (couple of adapters to go from the connector on the back to get to HDMI).
I had figured out how to get the NVIDIA driver working to get the 1920x1080 onto the tv and thought now it would be nice to do further stuff remotely. That's when i installed x11vncserver. When i used RealVNC client on my windows machine to connect, i noticed that the Wingpanel was gone, only the dock was accessible through VNC connection. The wingpanel was also gone on actual machine. So i thought maybe i simply reboot from terminal and hopefully that was just a simple glitch.

Now i am stuck with login loop.
Any idea how i can get to a bash to figure out what went wrong?

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