I would like to change the login screen keyboard to dvorak-fr but I can't find a way and the keyboard for login is in qwerty.

The keyboard indicator in Greeter say "No other layout available" and tty1 is in dvorak-fr as expected (as well as my session once I am logged).


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The following solution works fine for me:

  • First open Language & region and add required language and layout.

  • Now open terminal and run:

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

    Then it asks to select the following options:

    1. Keyboard model: Press Enter

    2. Country of origin for the keyboard: Select French and press Enter


    3. Keyboard layout: Select French - French (dvorak) and press Enter


    From now press Enter and continue for remaining options till end.

  • Now reboot the system.

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    If you have a mac, still press enter for the keyboard. It's doesn't work if you choose macbook/macbook-pro. Jan 9, 2016 at 12:43

This is what solved the problem for me. Goto System Settings -> Language & Region

The window would probably say something like language not properly installed. CClick on it and let it install. That's about it.


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