With Juno/Pantheon Files v4.2.0:

In brief, I try to right-click multiple files to open with a preferred application, but that application isn't available if at least one of the preferred applications doesn't match.

For an example, I want to open both javascript and html files in my editor, but because the html default defaults to a browser, the editor isn't available. Both files were created with the editor, and I don't wish to change my html default from the browser.

In detail, preferred application extensions from multiple file selections (either marquee, check mark, shift-select, or ctrl-select) display the default application I've set for them at the top of the right-click pop-up menu, called "Open in…", followed below by sub-menu "Open with…" alternatives, but only if the default applications are a common preferred application.

If at least one of the multi-select file defaults is an alternative application, the preferred application I'm looking for isn't available at the "Open in…" slot or "Open with…" alternatives. Selecting any multi-select file singly, my preferred application is available inside either menu item.

With mulitple selections, the default Elementary application is available, but I see no reason Files would cull my preferred application while the Elementary default remains.

Is it normal for a combination of default applications to strip my menu?

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