I've installed elementary os for about 5 months on a macmini and its works just fine. After try the system on a USB drive, I decide to install it. As I read on many post, after installation, mi wifi does not work, so I connect thru a wired LAN port, and manually install the drivers for my wifi card. After that, the wifi start working until about a couple of weeks ago. Things gets a little bit tricky: mi network connection don't shut down, but the data transfer start and stop... in example: for a couple of minutes, the internet and local network it's fully accessible, and some other time, there is no data transfer at all (no internet and no local network) but the connection status on the machine it's "connected". Sometimes, I reboot the machine, after that, all seems to be Ok, but just for a couple of minutes, then, again repeat itself the same trouble. Some other times, I turn off the wifi connection while the data communication was down, so after I turn on again the data transfer start to work fine, but just for some time, and again down... All these case happens regardless the IP was assigned by dhcp or static set manually. Finally, I try to connect by the wire lan port, as I do first time after the OS installation, but , there was no connection at all... not by dhcp, not manually IP parameters... I do not know what to do. As I am quite new on linux os, I imagine some issues: could be a drivers update / system update that corrupt some protocol / driver on the networking section? How can I have perform a driver / system roll back? There is some standard procedure in order to check software / hardware integrity? There is a networking fail log / crash data dump? Any help well be so much appreciate! thanks in advance! Daniel.

Computer data: mac mini Intel® Core™ i5-2415M CPU @ 2.30GHz

OS data: elementary OS 5.0 Juno

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