I am hoping someone can help me with this. On my desktop I use Juno and firefox as my main browser. When I access page that will require some form of autofilled input (Like a saved username and password). The moment I click on the input box then the auto-fill information shows a hint of the input and covers the input box.

I have tried this on firefox with a different linux OS and it does not replicate the issue at all. I have also tried different browsers but this is unique to firefox.

Any idea what can be done to fix it? Seems like the hint pop up just needs to avoid the input box, but some styling seems to be off.

Attached is a screenshot form my phone as I cannot take a screenshot with the hint in place, please excuse the quality

Problem case

  • Still seems I have this issue without any solution. Does anyone else have this as well or just me? – Selwyn Orren Feb 25 at 16:54

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