I have Elementary OS Juno installed on an HP Pavillion and I cannot activate the Wifi driver, I know that the graphics card is REALTEK Semiconductor RTL8111 / 8168/8411 8.036.00 but it does not recognize it, I need help to use my Wi-Fi laptop Thank you all.

Hola a todos, tengo instalado Elementary OS Juno en un HP Pavillion y no puedo activar el controlador Wifi, sé que la tarjeta gráfica es REALTEK Semiconductor RTL8111 / 8168/8411 8.036.00 pero no lo reconoce, necesito ayuda para usar mi laptop con Wi-Fi Gracias a todos.

  • Does your computer have a wireless network when you boot from the live usb (installation media for elementary os)? – Bo rislav Nov 1 '19 at 11:18

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