I recently installed elementary os alongside with windows 10. After installing it with usb, it boots and lock screen pops up but after i enter my password pantheon doesnt start and it freezes with only showing wallpaper. what should i do? edit: some back info i upgraded my ssd it was m.2 sata now it is nvme. i installed windows 10 first then elementary. it automatically boots into elementary os right now. my laptop has 2 graphic cards intel and nvidia. i tried apt-get purge nvidia but it doesn’t have nvidia drivers. i tried deleting then downloading pantheon but i couldn’t download after deleting it.i reinstalled eOS after doing this. also i turn ahci mode on on bios.


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Switch to a text console by pressing ctrl+alt+F1 then login and do full upgrades with apt update, apt upgrade and apt dist-upgrade.

Then reboot and see if that helps.


I have run the same problem few times and I do not know a universal solution, because probably it has different reasons to occure.

1/ I recommend you to try the solution on Desktop takes forever to load after restart

2/ If it does not help,go into console login by pressing ctr+alt+F1 and after login there type sudo service lightdm restart and probably you will be redirected again to the login screen of the pantheon-greeter. If it does not happen but errors occured, then type into console reboot and usually after the reboot (or login again through graphical login interface of the greeter) the problem is resolved.

3/ I do this when the above does not help - it is to reinstall the nvidia drivers. I use the proprietary ones from https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa . You can add them by executing into console login (ctrl+alt+f1) the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa sudo apt update sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

Good luck!

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