I installed Juno on a 2017 13-inch macbook pro. Everything else is working fine except for speakers and the headphone jack. There is no sound output from either the speakers or the headphone jack after setting the volume to 100%.

Here are some things I have tried:

  • I have installed all system updates from the app center.

  • I've tried killing and starting pulse audio with pulseaudio -k.

  • I have also made sure my sound settings set the sound output device to speakers.

  • I have also used pulse audio volume control as other posts about audio have suggested to make sure no outputs are muted.

Im not sure if its helpful to know, but I've setup the laptop to dual boot with OSX, where audio works fine. Also, when using pulse audio volume control, the blue sound bar above the "Advanced" shows sound activity when I change the output volume.

EDIT: I used a USB-C to headphone jack adapter and I get audio! At least this works!

enter image description here

enter image description here

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