I don't see a location to report bugs so I'm posting them in Questions....

There are two fatal bugs in the installation system...

First off, here's what I did: 1) I downloaded the elementaryOS installation ISO and wrote it to a USB flash drive 2) I have a 500GB SSD connected via USB 3.0 that I deleted all the partitions off of with gparted so I would think it should be considered "clean" 3) I booted from the flash drive and began the installation, choosing the 500GB SSD as my installation target. 4) Now, I didn't write down exactly what it said, but, when it came time to install the OS, the installer put up a dialogue box which complained something to the effect that the selected installation partition did not start at 0, but had an offset of #### and that this would likely cause performance problems. It gave me the options of going back (to the partition editor) or continuing. BOTH buttons dump you back in the partition editor.

So that's fatal bug #1: you can't get past this dialog box simply accept whatever performance hit it was referring to.

Fatal bug #2 is that either the partition editor is not in fact creating a new partition at the start of the drive, but at some offset (as claimed by the dialogue box) or the dialogue box shouldn't have been thrown up in the first place because the code that triggered it is reading an offset for the partition when there isn't one.

I tried removing my lubuntu SSD and replacing it with the 500GB SSD such that it was now connected directly to the SATA interface and not via a USB port. Installation went without a hitch and without me doing anything to change the partitioning of the 500GB SSD.

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