I recently updated from Loki to Juno. I copied my home folder over as is. As I was copying the home folder over, after Juno had installed itself, I marked all the same-name folders to merge and all old files to over-write the new ones.

In Loki I used to be able to control the volume on a per-program basis, now this is missing. I used to be able to change or mute specific programs

Along with that, I can no longer configure Bluetooth media share settings. In the solutions mentioned here I have seen that I should have a tab in the media share section that lets me configure the Bluetooth share.

enter image description here Apparently it is missing a Bluetooth section

I've tried to extensively scour this forum for a solution but up until now I haven't found an exact solution and all the similar solutions haven't helped.

As a step I executed sudo apt install switchboard-plug-* but that helped nothing. It had helped earlier in Loki as a solution for a similar problem.

How do I bring back my missing options?

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    You can use pavucontrol to change the volume for each app. I don't really know about the rest.
    – Maccer
    Oct 15, 2019 at 20:09


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