Somehow I've got two similar "Files" app installed. Since it is translated, I can't even identify the name to purge it. How do I leave Phanteon Files only?

enter image description here

They seems quite similar, but for sure is not the same app.

enter image description here

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Pantheon-files by elementary LLC has a light-grey folder icon with a 'home' symbol on top of it. To uninstall its competitor ('Arquivos' app with a blue locker icon):

  1. Go to AppCenter > Installed tab.

  2. Scroll until you find Arquivos app with a blue locker icon.

  3. Click it and hit Uninstall button.

  • Once there if the icons are the same, you can identify the one that it is from elementary when you click on it, it is written elementary LLC. The other one looks like it is Nautilus file manager used in Ubuntu Gnome.
    – Bo rislav
    Oct 5, 2019 at 6:36

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