My headphones and microphone work fine, but I keep hearing myself. Disabling the microphone mutes the noise, but I need it.

Is there an easy way to solve it? It's usually a toggle in the microphone config, but I can't see anything here. :(

Headset: Logitech G430 Gaming Headset (USB)

OS: Juno Linux 4.15.0-64-generic GTK 3.22.30

NOTE: In alsamixer there's no Loopback option for the audio card of my headset, and the other audio cards have it Disabled.

EDIT: output of lspci | grep Audio :

00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 8 Series/C220 Series Chipset High Definition Audio Controller (rev 05) 
01:00.1 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation GK104 HDMI Audio Controller (rev a1)


  • Update your question with lspci | grep Audio. What's the model of the faulty card?. If you open alsamixer and press F5, does it show now a loopback device that you can disable?
    – Maccer
    Sep 23, 2019 at 15:54

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I noticed in alsamixer for the sound card of my headset a dedicated volume column to Mic, in the F3: Playback view (and not F4: Capture!), lowering it to 0 solved my problem.

enter image description here

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