In the view on the side of the calendar (where the selected day's events are shown ordered with respect to each other), the events are not always ordered by time, which just seems bonkers to me. I can't figure out why some events are ordered properly and others aren't. I do have multiple calendars in use, but that doesn't seem to matter; an event that I create in the same calendar as another event will get added at the end. I've checked google calendar to make sure the calendars are all in the same time zone. The only thing that seems to make sense is that the events show up in the order they were added, but I would like them to be sorted by time. Otherwise, what's the point of showing the day's events? I don't want to have to mentally piece together the order in which they occur. Do other people experience this issue?

Example of issue; note that the last event's time is *earlier* than the times of the previous events.

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