I want to remove this package, because for some reason, elementary OS makes my router reboot. I am sure the cause is elementary OS, because it only happens when using elementary OS on any PC in the house, I can't explain why, but I can see this pattern for months.

When the router reboots, this window appears, this is a home computer, so I don't need this feature.

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Yes you can safely remove it. The purpose of the capnet-assist package is to:

Assists users in connective to Captive Portals such as those found on public access points in train stations, coffee shops, universities, etc.

Upon detection, the assistant appears showing the captive portal. Once a connection is known to have been established, it dismisses itself.

So removing it will only take away the ability to automatically display a Captive Portal's login page when you connect to a wifi network (which is not really a must have).

However, you may still want to report a bug so that developers can investigate the issues that you are seeing.

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