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Well this morning my login screen was showing normal, but after a few hours working on my computer, I suspended and try to login ALL functions are good, just the display is weird, idk if some way I installed any dependency that requeried another GUI that not it's pantheon, so hope that somebody now what I got to do.

Already tried this: Login screen incomplete

... sudo apt-get install --reinstall pantheon-greeter ...

But nothing

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    This is the new greeter - you installed updates in-between: blog.elementary.io/say-hello-to-the-new-greeter – SamMorrowDrums Aug 29 at 16:04
  • i have the same update, but i dislike this font image plane, you can switch the full screen background color or image? can u tell me how to can change this in my system. i try with the link of fiddle of the previous answer but i only can change in the online view of the page. Very thanks for your help. – Chayder Sep 15 at 14:14

Looks like new Login Screen (LightDM Greeter for Pantheon)

Source on GitHub

This update was pushed to Juno recently.

You can edit background here Fiddle

  • Thanks! I was thinking that could be an update, but thank you for the confirmation! – rubiocanino Aug 28 at 13:28

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