guys! See if you can help me out. My connection is terible. I have 100 MB of connection, but the OS is getting barely 2 or 3. Have i made some dumb mistake? Can you guys help me out?

  • are you connected via Ethernet cable or WiFi? Is it your local network speed that's slow or your internet connection speed? can you post the output from a terminal session? personally i like to use ifconfig but its not installed by default. you can either install it or use the ip tool. method 1 install net-tools (preferred) terminal > apt install net-tools once installed type in ifconfig and paste the output here. method 2 using IP tools terminal > ip addr paste the output here. method 3 screen shot. if your not able with those 2 methods can you paste a screen shot of your network – Maxio Aug 25 '19 at 7:49

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