I had the OS for a few months now. There was an issue couple of months ago where the OS will drop to (initramfs) which I fixed with a command that I found in the ubuntu forum.

Worked well for a while then I filled the space in my root directory and I couldn't extend it even though I have unallocated space in my SSD. So, I deleted the swap partition and used the free 4GB to extend root and then created the swap partition after the home partition. This resulted in very slow boot times of 1 - 2 mins but it worked fine. This was, of course, a temporary fix which I meant to amend when I had more time.

Yesterday I run the Linux in safe mode trying to figure out how to extend the root partition and move the swap in the correct place but after I did some sort of a check, the OS was no longer booting.

I have a dual-boot setup with Windows 10 and when I choose the Linux in the boot loader, I see a black screen flickering every second or so and it just keeps doing that in a loop. When I press the power button on the laptop, I see the Elementary OS logo for a few seconds then it shuts off.

Any ideas?


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