Moved to Elementary from Pop_!OS and I love the design and thought put into this OS. It's a real art both in code and in design, thank you eOS team:). I'm using a 2018 Razer blade 15 and I do encountered several bugs, some I managed to solve - like disabling suspend for the lightDM user. I will be very grateful if anyone has an idea how to solve these:

  1. When suspending the laptop, while the lid is closed and it's connected to an external monitor, I can't get the system to wake back up. The keyboard backlight is on, but nothing on the screen and can't drop to a tty

  2. The battery indicator consistently shows 97% or 98% while connected to the AC...running acpi -i in the terminal gives the same output.

  3. The greeter doesn't respect nightlight settings, is there a way to set these settings for the lightDM user?



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