First time elementary OS user, long time Ubuntu (Gnome) user.

Installed Freya today and I have a couple of issues with indicators. First, Dropbox indicator isn't showing (found a post that should fix that, waiting for long-running git checkout so I an log out and test it).

I have an indicator that was written by my employer that shows me my security status and allows me to view a report. It works in ubuntu (and Gnome-Shell, via the notification tray) but can't find it in Elementary.

I also have Symantec Antivirus installed and its indicator shows up in the dock as a running application, which is annoying.

How can these issues be fixed? In Gnome-Shell there's an extension that adds what they call "legacy" indicator to the Gnome-Shell indicators. Is there something similar in Elementary OS?

Thanks, Kevin


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Incompatibility between third-party apps and Wingpanel is something that elementary can do little about, as it is third-party devs' job to provide this kind of support. In fact, there has been a lot of talk about moving away from Ayatana indicators for future releases. (see this blueprint for example).

As for the Dropbox indicator, several workarounds have been provided. Search the questions here on StackExchange. What worked for me is this script.

  • In gnome-shell there is a plugin that will show legacy appindicators in the gnome-shell indicator framework. That's what I was looking for. If nothing like this exists, I'll edit this answer to reflect that it is not possible to "Generally" fix this and mark as correct (Not possible -- Original question was not about specific indicators, but about the existence of a general framework for mapping legacy->elementary indicators.)
    – rogodeter
    Sep 30, 2015 at 18:34

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