I'm running Juno, and I have a very large music library, about 290gb with a mixture of mp3 and flac. I really want to try the Elementary OS Music player, but scanning my library is taking an ungodly long time. It's now been scanning for about 34 hours and is only 3/4th of the way through. I don't recall having this issue with Loki.

At first I had my music library on an NTFS partition, but Noise would only scan for a little while then crash, then I read that NTFS was very slow on Linux, so I figured moving the library would solve my problem. So I copied my entire music library to an ext4 formatted USB 3 drive that is normally very fast.

Music/Noise no longer crashes when scanning, but now the scan is been going for over a full day and still not completed. Does anyone have any idea why this could possibly be taking so long? Is this a bug?

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According to issues already reported by other users on the Music Github page (see here and here), slow scanning of large library files is currently quite typical to this app and probably has nothing to do with any particular filesystem.

  • Thanks, well at least it's known about. I hope it gets fixed. I've switched to Rhythmbox for the time being. Aug 2, 2019 at 12:01

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