For example :

io.elementary.terminal -h

produces the following output

[DEBUG 21:57:54.738715] Settings.vala:163: Loading settings from schema 'io.elementary.terminal.settings'
  io.elementary.terminal [OPTION…]

Why do I need this to work?

I have to change "Terminal to launch console program" from xterm -T $TITLE -e to elementary's OS (Juno) io.elementary.terminal -e in CodeBlocks.

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Well this works for me in Hera 5.1.3 in codeblocks. Copy paste this to Settings>Environment settings>Terminal to launch console program

io.elementary.terminal -t $TITLE -x
  • Yes, I had opened an issue on their GitHub and they patched the code for gnome-terminal style program execution in Juno itself, master branch. I hope they have released it in the newest release. as you say it is working. Thanks though.
    – Prabal Dev
    Commented Apr 25, 2020 at 9:57

This has been fixed by the developers in the newest release of elementaryOS.

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