Has anyone managed to install OpenSnitch in Juno ?

I tried the install it using the procedure from the README.md, but the "make" command fails with the following error :

Command "python setup.py egg_info" failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip-build-ji2suxci/grpcio/

Thank you !


Nope. And quite seriously, I don't think I would even try to install a security-related app that comes from a guy with this kind of attitude (see developer's avatar). enter image description here

  • Hi a-tokarev, thank you for your answer, I understand your point of view ... yet do you have a better solution ? I miss a Little Snitch replacement in Linux and as far I can tell this seems to be the most promising solution ... Also, this project is still open source and other people are reviewing and modifying the code ... and even Linus himself gives the finger... – Nibbler Jul 30 at 18:34
  • Point is, I own Little Snitch for macOS and I love it. Sure, I'd like to get a Linux version of it. But I don't understand how OpenSnitch (by some evilsocket enthusiast) is related to Little Snitch (a commercial product) and could possibly be a port of it. I wrote an email to LS developers, let's hope they'll clarify that. As to finger gymnastics, I guess it's the context that matters. Creator of Linux displaying his fury to greedy chipmakers is one thing, and some obscure guy, whose ported app hasn't reached v1.0 release, greeting his potential audience like that is something different. – a-tokarev Jul 30 at 21:00
  • From my point of view, OpenSnitch is related to Little Snitch, as LS is related to Hands Off or Zone Alarm or any other "application firewall". It is not a port but it just shares common aim and features, as elementaryOS shares features with MacOS... But I agree with you, if I could find an alternative in any official community supported repository I would be more than happy. Unfortunately it seems that this is quite a deserted subject in Linux ... that's why I'm trying to install OpenSnitch even if it is not a fully perfect alternative and even if the author is doing some finger gymnastics... – Nibbler Jul 30 at 22:40
  • On its github page, OpenSnitch is called "a GNU/Linux port of the Little Snitch application firewall". Afaik, a port is "software converted to run on a platform different from the original platform" (Wikipedia). To port an original app, a license is required. I asked good folks at Objective Development (Little Snitch creators) if OpenSnitch has any relation to Little Snitch. Their reply was, "this product has absolutely nothing to do with us". Therefore imho it can't be "a port" of Little Snitch. "Little Snitch alternative for Linux" or similar would be more fair. – a-tokarev Jul 31 at 12:05

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