I have an Ideapad320 with i5 8th gen + Geforce MX150 and I wanna know if elementaryOS runs in this hardware.


YES, the Linux kernel and elementary OS supports hybrid graphics technologies.

For your specific model you may get a black screen when you boot after installing elementary. If that happens you'd need to add nomodeset to the boot options on the grub menu. You do this by pressing e on the grub menu and then adding nomodeset in between quiet splash, like quiet nomodeset splash.

Then you'd need to install the nvidia driver from the terminal with sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall. Or you could also install them from AppCenter.


Are you asking if the switchable graphics capabilities will work? If this is what you want to know, I suggest booting from USB as others have suggested, then open up a terminal execute xrandr --listprovidersthis should list both of your graphics devices. To learn how to enable the switchable graphics for certain program, I suggest watching this video, it's a very clear explanation of how to do it.

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