Been using Juno for a week; love the experience of NOT even attempting any customization - except for 3 keyboard shortcuts I had to :) one thing that I am finding difficult is in file-chooser dialog (eg: extract archive; save as from browser etc), I have to use the mouse to get the focus to path/location bar. 90% of the time, I need to change from previous folder I was in, the way I work. In Files application, CTRL-L works perfectly; but I am unable to find a shortcut for this in these instances. I have checked documentation and list of keyboard shortcuts for Files

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At the moment, only the pathbar of the filechooser is supplied by Files, the rest (including keypress handling) is the standard Gtk filechooser so I am not sure this can be fixed. However, the intention is to use the NativeFileChooser interface to have the whole filechooser supplied by Files in which the shortcut will work.

I have raised an issue on the Files issue reporting page about it.

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