This is related to another post that I made where my laptop won't wake from suspend. This issue is intermittent. Here.


  • When I close the lid to my laptop or otherwise invoke suspend, sometimes (not always) I'll get a notification from network that I've been disconnected

    • Notification: Disconnected - you are now offline from Wireless network

    • Followed by this one

    • Notification: Disconnected - you are now offline from network:

  • This notification wakes the computer and it doesn't re-enter suspend.

    • To clarify: The lid is closed, the notification comes through the laptop wakes and stays awake while the lid is closed.

My current best work-around is to just disable all network notifications. I like having network notifications on other circumstances though.

Any ideas for a real fix, how to explore this issue or creative thoughts are welcome. :)

Thanks in advance!

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