I'm using ctrl + space as a custom shortcut to activate a TTS (text to speech) script that I wrote.

I've been using this shortcut for about a week now with no problems, but recently the shortcut won't activate the script the first time I press it.

I have to hit ctrl(hold) -> space(tap) -> space(tap), so I essentially have to activate it twice. I checked the script itself by just running it in the terminal and it's behaving as expected.

I'd like to get back to the old behavior of activating it only once.

Any insights would be appreciated.

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I answered this immediately after posting this and in so doing found a potential bug.

  1. I went to delete the shortcut and reestablish it from scratch.

  2. When I went to copy the path to the script I noticed that when I pressed ctrl for the copy shortcut (ctrl + c), the selected text was being deselected.

  3. I realized that the problem was with the ctrl key-press itself and the only thing that changed relative to that was that I enabled the Reveal pointer option (System Settings -> Mouse & Touchpad, General(tab): Reveal pointer). This option listens for a press of the ctrl key and plays an animation around the cursor to reveal it's location.

  4. When I disabled Reveal pointer all behavior relating to the ctrl key returned to normal.

Bug description: Reveal pointer option (System Settings -> Mouse & Touchpad, General(tab): Reveal pointer) interferes with normal use of the ctrl key.
Example: text is deselected when trying to copy using ctrl + c. Other short cuts break as well.

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