I have used snap packet manager for installing several applications on my elementary os. But when I want to start any app it may take a long time (up to several minutes). Sometimes app does not start and I need to click on app icon and wait again.

There is no same problem with default elementary os AppCenter. These apps open quickly enough.

  • I do not think this is elementary OS specific. Snaps start slower than other apps, but if it is that bad, you might want to Google for a solution to his problem on Ubuntu 18.04 (which Juno is based off of after all) I'd suggest writing a post on ubuntuforums.org if the search doesn't yield anything helpful. – rasmus91 Nov 21 at 8:18

If your snapd version is older than 2.36.2, it might be a font-caching issue, as written here.

  • My snapd version is newer than 2.36.2: snap 2.39.2 snapd 2.39.2 series 16 elementary 5.0 kernel 4.15.0-52-generic – Route Reflector Jun 24 at 18:08
  • 1
    According to this thread, it seems, the culprit is not operating system, but Snap technology itself: reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/9scoif/… Suggested solution? Avoid using snap if you can, and stick to other distribution formats (.deb, flatpaks etc.) – a-tokarev Jul 23 at 9:03

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