It's a bit strange to ask, but the situation is: I can easily send from my laptop with elementary OS files via Bluetooth, but I do not understand how to accept a file. The system notifies me that a device is trying to send me a file. I remember with ubuntu with GNOME it suffices to click "accept" to the notification itself, but on eOS any choiche does not appear and clicking on it leads to nothing. So: what to do?


I have managed to fix this in elementaryOS 5 (Juno). You might be able to do this on lower versions as well:

  1. Pair the device with your computer using the default Bluetooth settings in the control panel (I assume that you have already done this).
  2. Install blueman: sudo apt-get install blueman
  3. Open blueman services: blueman-services
  4. A window should open, here you can select "Transfers" -> "Accept incoming files from trusted devices".

When you tick that box, it will work. I am not sure if you can remove blueman afterwards.

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