I need help. I am new to linux and elementary so I'm a noob.

I have issues with playing videos in fullscreen mode on additional display (27'') I have laptop with intel i7 hexa core CPU and graphics card GTX 1050. I did sudo apt-update and sudo apt full-upgrade but that did not resolve the issue. I tried installing the latest drivers from nvidia (nvidia-430) but it gives me error that "package is not found"

I believe this is issue with drivers so can someone help me out how to update and install the latest drivers from nvidia?

Thanks for any help,


  • Do you have this problem with all videos or only with youtube set to fullscreen in a browser? I also have the problem in fullscreen videos on the second monitor with GTX 1050 but only for browser videos. Based on my terminal feedback the latest NVidia driver is not 430, but driver : nvidia-driver-390 - distro non-free recommended. You can see this by typing into terminal sudo ubuntu-drivers devices. I have no success after installing the nvidia driver, but if you want to do that - you can achieve this by typing into terminal sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall – Bo rislav Jun 2 '19 at 21:12

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