I am not yet ready to switch definitely to Juno, as several apps needed for my work environment are still missing, but nevertheless, i wanted to create an *.iso of my current E. Juno Os. So i did with my home folder (example code):

mkisofs -o destination-filename.iso /home/username

But…the point is i wanted to create an iso from my whole operating system. The point is to safe my applications and its documents. How to do that?

I looked around for awhile and did not find anything useful to backup my OS. After installing systemback from "https://code.launchpad.net/~nemh" all i got was a waring that pops up all times when i open the "AppCenter":

(i translate from German)

Update download failed

This might happen for external installed software-repositories or caused by a corrupt sources.list file 

I would be happy if you could help me also with this issue, as the original problem connects both problems…

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This might not sound as a direct answer to how to create ISO, but still. As far as I understand, you need ISO to create a backup of your current system. If so, you could try making a more reliable system backup via backup software such as Timeshift instead, then write backup folder to removable media/DVD/remote disk and use it later if need be.

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