Last week I Dualbooted elementary OS alongside windows, and it worked perfectly fine. Today, when I wanted to boot my pc, it got stuck on a grub command line screen. My keyboard doesn't work, I can't press f2 to get in the bios.

The keyboard does work on other computers, so it's not hardware related. When I put a usb stick in the light in the usb doesn't light up. How can I start my pc?

Kind regards

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  • your keyboard is USB,
  • and it doesn't respond during BIOS POST (i.e. before GRUB screen),
  • and your USB stick doesn't seem to work too,


  • the issue might be BIOS-related. Presumably, 'USB Legacy Support' (or some other USB support) has been disabled.

Possible workarounds:

  • use PS/2 keyboard to access BIOS and check its 'Integrated Peripherals > USB controllers / USB Legacy Support' settings,
  • reset CMOS, thus restoring your BIOS to its default settings.

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