Notice this guys reply here: https://elementaryos.stackexchange.com/a/401 - how do I compress / combine into a single shortcut?

By using the wmctrl app, we can show / hide desktop in Elementary OS. How do I create a custom command shortcut that'll use same hotkey, to trigger both commands?

  1. wmctrl -k on
  2. wmctrl -k off

It would be a beautiful thing if I could just use SUPER + D to trigger toggle commands.

compress shortcut and combine into one...

I noticed there is an available docklet, i'd really just like to use the "desktop docklet" and keybind that specific docklet to a hotkey. Any ideas?


Here is location for Launcher=docklet://desktop in file explorer: /home/phenom/.config/plank/dock1/launchers/ but when I double click, i try to copy / paste that into terminal, nothing works.. so i reckon it doesn't work in shortcut either.

Maybe I can create a script to run that plank docklet and assign shortuct?

  • I am kind of confused, I can use "Supper" + "D" and it shows desktop and pressing again bring me my working tab. What create another shortcut?
    – Hasan
    Commented Apr 30, 2019 at 13:32

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If I understand your question correctly, this will help.

  • Please go to system settings, and click keyboard.
  • After that click on the Shortcuts tab and select custom.
  • Now please click the "+" icon and paste this /usr/bin/com.github.spheras.desktopfolder show-desktop in the command field and click on Disabled to assign shortcut.
  • Here, press any combination you like to add and you are good to go.

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