When I mouse scroll wheel up / down it seems like I only "down arrow" 3 or 4 times. How do I double the amount of lines my mouse scroll wheel covers? It seems to be an elementary OS issue, and not a specific browser thing.

I desire to cover more distance with a vertical scroll wheel.

All Settings > Mouse & Touchpad > Mouse > ??

This is how you would change vertical scrolling # of lines in Windows, but what about EOS?

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Apparently, theres no option in the settings that I know which can achieve this. You can try setting manually,

First check which device is the mouse:

xinput list

Now pick the ID of your mouse there, and list its current settings:

xinput list-props <device-id>

then change the settings like so where Evdev scrolling distance [vertical] [horizontal] [dial]

xinput set-prop <device-id> 'Evdev Scrolling Distance' 1 3 5

where the combination of the last three numbers is mouse-dependent:

  • first number, the direction of scrolling (minus reverse)
  • second number, speed of scrolling somehow
  • third number, speed of scrolling somehow
  • Changing these values to bigger numbers means you scroll slower (AgentME).

Source: https://askubuntu.com/a/709184/907048


Hey there I wondered the same thing! and I hope that this starts to be something that makes it into the system settings some day. The reason being: that once you have set it up, it is out of the way and you don't think about it ever again.

I have used a different option that is a more straight forward slider that you can drag and set the speed.

I used imwheel

and followed these instructions

How To

install -> sudo apt install imwheel

create the script file. I use a folder for scripts mkdir ~/Utils where I created the file touch mousewheel.sh and pasted the template (section 2) in vim ~/Utils/mousewheel.sh then move to the script cd ~/Utils/

make it executable chmod +x mousewheel.sh

run it ./mousewheel.sh

The scale is way too long, I use 5-7 depending on what I am doing.

add it to the startup apps there head to the
System Settings -> Applications -> Startup -> Add Startup App... (bottom left corner) and add it as a script, just imwheel or in my case imwheel -b "4 5" because the side buttons didn't work anymore and this fixes it

I hope this helps.

  • also what I like about this setup is, that it is easily reversible, just kill the imwheel process, or leave it out if the startup.
    – Raphty
    Commented Dec 1, 2020 at 7:24

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