I installed the elementary OS Juno but at the time of starting the system it is looped in the login screen.

Processor Atom x5 z8350

How to fix this loop?

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    Please add your device specification in the body not in the title. And please add more information.
    – Hasan
    Apr 17 '19 at 2:05
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    There are a couple of suggestions online about this, typically around Nvidia drivers. Does your computer have an Nvidia GPU?
    – Lewis Goddard
    Apr 17 '19 at 18:14
  • Positivo Motion Q232a Atom x5 z8350 Intel Hd graphics integrated
    – user17931
    Apr 20 '19 at 18:33
  • I am facing a similar issue ... unable to login to elementary OS ans going into loops on login screen. I have important information and hence can’t just flash it and reinstall . Pls help Nov 1 '20 at 4:48

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