I want to install elementary OS and try it out but it never reaches the GUI the background appears for a fraction of a second and it then goes into an endless loop mouse cursor bottom right and back to a blank screen. It just keeps doing that forever. I had the same issue with Ubuntu 18.04 and it never was resolved, 18.10 is fine on the latest download. The graphics card is an ATI / AMD RS740 [Radeon 2100] built into the PC a Packard Bell UTOW-BEN. Can anyone help?



  • I am using Manjaro currently on the same pc and it is fine with no display issues. Any Ubuntu / Debian based distro gives issues with the display. Commented Apr 22, 2019 at 13:32
  • I see, and as you know elementary OS is based on Ubuntu LTS releases. Please let me know updated situation.
    – Cog
    Commented Apr 23, 2019 at 19:47


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