wait-for-state stop/waiting
*Using makefile-style concurrent boot in runlevel 6
Can't open /etc/init.d/.depend.stop: No such file or directory

I receive this message upon a reboot or shutdown attempt. Anyone know how to fix this problem?


This problem is because /etc/init.d/ has been corrupt, you should try

sudo nano /etc/init.d/rc

Check CONCURRENCY appears like this or add:


Alternatively you can use

sudo shutdown -P now
  • In regards to where on the file? This is what appears in that portion: CONCURRENCY=makefile test -s /etc/init.d/.depend.boot || CONCURRENCY="none" test -s /etc/init.d/.depend.start || CONCURRENCY="none" test -s /etc/init.d/.depend.stop || CONCURRENCY="none" if test -e /etc/init.d/.legacy-bootordering ; then CONCURRENCY="shell" – hm27 Sep 8 '15 at 14:34
  • I'm thinking about simply doing a fresh reinstall and reformatting the "/" partition instead if all else fails. Would that solve the problem? – hm27 Sep 8 '15 at 14:35
  • You init.d should change CONCURRENCY=makefile to CONCURRENCY=nonei equal in "f test -e /etc/init.d/.legacy-bootordering ; then CONCURRENCY="none. Reinstall solve the problem – braren Sep 8 '15 at 15:51

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