I've got elementary OS (0.4.1 Loki) and I wanted to change the terminal theme.

I've found some themes from Gogh (https://github.com/Mayccoll/Gogh) and I downloaded them. I did the commands as follow:

$ sudo apt-get install dconf-cli
$ bash -c  "$(wget -qO- https://git.io/vQgMr)"

I've downloaded all of them. After that I couldn't still change the themes. I couldn't even enter the preferences of the terminal (even with Tweaks).

I then tried the line:

sudo wget -O gogh https://git.io/vKOB6 && chmod +x gogh && ./gogh

Still didn't work.

So, my question is: with themes installed, where, or how, can I change betwin them??

Thank you very much.

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